Auto Turbochargers for Major Brands and Models

Adding an auto turbocharger to your engine increases power and improves performance for your vehicle. Attaparts offers a broad option of aftermarket turbochargers for sale compatible with major makes and models including Bobcat, CAT, CASE, Deutz, Cummins, HINO, ISUZU, Komatsu, Kubota, KATO, Perkins, Volvo, John Deere, Hitachi, JCB, MITSUBISHI, New Holland, TOYOTA, YANMAR, etc.

Our auto turbochargers make your engine perform better, using less fuel, by improving air intake and combustion. This means you can enjoy the benefits of increased power without sacrificing your wallet at the pump.

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000L21 0030965599 K27-422 Turbocharger for Mercedes Benz Parts

$ 469.00

04224399KZ 315140 314083 Turbocharger For Deutz Engine BF6M1015 Excavator 1015 S3B K27

$ 1,023.96

04232274KZ 314253 315705 Turbocharger For Deutz Engine BF6L913C Excavator K27

$ 533.69

04234298KZ 319338 317959 Turbocharger For Deutz Engine BF3L914 BF4M1011F Excavator S1B

$ 643.98

04253832KZ 318807 Turbocharger For Deutz Engine BF6M1013 Excavator S2B S2B-16M

$ 864.96

04253964KZ Turbocharger 314280 For Deutz Engine BF4M1013C Excavator S2A

$ 498.96

04281437KZ 319246 Turbocharger For Deutz Engine BF4M2011COM2 Excavator S100-008H S1B

$ 479.61

04281466 Turbocharger 0428 1466 0428-1466 For Deutz Engine BF4M2011 BF4L2011 TD2011L04 TD2011L04I BF4M2011

$ 489.00

04294676KZ 12709880023 Turbocharger For Deutz Engine TCD2013 Excavator S200G EC750 EC290B EC240B

$ 907.36

047-278 897238-979 Turbocharger for ISUZU VAN 4JG1T 3.1L

$ 410.00

04900118KZ 319351 319355 Turbocharger for Deutz Engine BF6M2012C Excavator 1013 S200G

$ 897.96

05 Series Valve Cover Seal Gasket 16261-14520 for Kubota D905 D1005 D1105 D1305 Engine 1626114520

$ 17.00

1 PCS Solenoid Valve 1819002270 for Hitachi ZX330 EX200-2 HR1000 HR320 HR420 EG40R Isuzu 6BG1 Engine

$ 292.00

1.5L Turbocharger 54359700000 for Renault Clio Kangoo Megane Scenic DCI K9K K9K702 K9K700

$ 289.00

107-6338 Turbocharger for CAT 3046 Engine

$ 419.00

11128740 Turbocharger for VOLVO A40D

$ 769.36

114400-2080 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6RB1 Excavator EX400-1

$ 799.99

114400-2100 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6BD1 Excavator EX200-1

$ 476.93

114400-2720 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6BD1 Excavator EX200-2 EX200-3

$ 403.96

114400-2720 Turbocharger for Sumitomo SH200-1 Hitachi EX200-2 EX200-3 EX200-3E Isuzu Engine 6BD1

$ 446.96

114400-2961 Turbocharger for Sumitomo SH2200 Excavator 6BG1T Engine

$ 486.96

114400-3140 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6SD1 Excavator EX300-2 EX300-3

$ 363.96

114400-3170 114400-3360 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6RB1 Excavator EX400-3 TA5104

$ 476.96

114400-3320 114400-3200 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6BG1 Excavator EX200-5

$ 496.96

114400-3340 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6SD1TPD-S Excavator EX300-3C

$ 435.69

114400-3400 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6RB1 Excavator EX450-5

$ 551.96

114400-3530 Turbocharger TF08L-26M for HITACHI Engine 6SD1TQA Excavator EX300-5 EX330-5

$ 367.99

114400-3770 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6BG1 Excavator EX200-6

$ 456.39

114400-3770 Turbocharger for HITACHI Engine 6BG1T 6BG1 Excavator ZAXIS 200

$ 457.99

114400-3890 Turbocharger for Sumitomo SH200-3 Hitachi ZX125W Isuzu Engine 6BG1

$ 509.69

Benefits of Turbos for Car

Auto turbochargers, commonly known as turbos, are a type of forced induction system for cars. Turbos for cars work by using the vehicle’s exhaust flow to power a turbine, which in turn compresses air and forces it into the engine’s intake. This compressed air allows the engine to burn more fuel per engine cycle, which significantly increases the engine’s power and efficiency. That’s why buying a high-quality turbo charger replacement is essential for your vehicle’s performance and can save you money in the long run by avoiding frequent replacements and potential secondary engine damage.

We have many turbocharger replacement options for your vehicle, helping it perform better and reach higher speeds. When shopping for a turbocharger for sale, whether to choose aftermarket turbochargers or OEM options is a common question for many machine owners.

Best Turbochargers for Sale with Competetive Pricing

When purchasing turbochargers for sale, it's essential to consider factors such as compatibility with your vehicle, warranty offerings, quality, and the cost to make a cost-effective and sound investment. Attaparts provides a 1-year warranty and money-back guarantee on all our turbochargers for sale. While we offer competitive pricing, we don’t compromise on quality. Our turbocharger replacements are made to match OEM standards, giving you the best of both worlds.

Why Aftermarket Turbochargers?

If you are looking for a less pricey option or want to upgrade performance beyond the original specifications and have specific performance objectives, the aftermarket turbocharger is the ideal solution, especially when you collaborate with a trusted aftermarket turbocharger supplier. If you prefer to keep your vehicle in its original state then you might consider purchasing an OEM turbocharger part. However, one of the drawbacks is that they come at a much higher cost compared to aftermarket turbochargers. At Attaparts, we can assist in finding a turbocharger replacement that not only fits your budget but also meets your unique performance need, making your vehicle tuned to your exact preferences.